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What Is Softwashing?

Looking for an exterior cleaning solution? Are you having problems with blocked gutters but don’t want to risk climbing to sort them? Is your patio covered with fallen moss from your roof but you’d rather not tackle it yourself? Perhaps the exterior of your home or business looks a little grubby, but you don’t want to use toxic chemicals to make it spick and span?

Softwashing is the answer. But what is softwashing? How does it work?

Exterior cleaning isn’t an exciting topic – it’s not one you’ll find people talking about at a dinner party or passionately discussing on the school run.

But keeping the outside of your property clean, free from moss and algae and looking its best doesn’t just improve its value, but it protects it from damage too.

Pressure washing is one solution, but it does come with some serious downsides (like potential damage to your property!). Luckily, there is another (better!) solution.

Softwashing. Never heard of it? You’re not alone. But it is an innovative, safe and effective solution for roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, patio cleaning, driveway cleaning and even cleaning up those industrial areas in commercial properties too.

So what is softwashing? How does it work? Is it right for your property? We have all the info you need right here…

What Is Softwashing?

Softwashing is a clever way of cleaning outside spaces without dangerous chemicals or intense pressure that might otherwise damage your brickwork, roof tiles, rendering or cladding.

As the name suggests, gentle spraying action is used with a mixture of water and biochemicals to safely clean exterior surfaces of organic stains that come from mould, fungus, moss and algae reducing the risk of damaging the different surfaces of your property.

Unlike pressure washers or chemical treatments, softwashing combines low-pressure washing with a biodegradable disinfecting solution to clean up affected areas and get them back to best.

It’s a quick, environmentally-friendly and effective way to leave your property looking smart and well-cared for, without worrying about potential damage from pressure washers or contamination from harsh chemicals.

So now we’ve answered the question “what is softwashing?” – you’re probably wondering “how does it work?”

How Does Softwashing Work?

A fully trained, qualified and insured team can visit your property with a professional softwash system. They will prepare all surrounding landscaped areas before starting softwashing. You can be sure any grass, plants or nearby spots will be protected with our tried and tested plant wash buffer.

The biodegradable and fossil-free cleaning solution is prepared and loaded into the softwash system and skillfully applied to the designated outside areas.

A good softwash system uses a high concentration of cleaning solution to efficiently remove all types of grime and stains. Whether you have a mouldy bin area, stained walls, mossy roofs or slippery walkways, a professional softwash system can bring it back to nearly new.

What Is It Good For?

Thanks to the low-pressure technique of softwashing it’s suitable for all outside areas and buildings.


Do you have a modern rendered building that’s looking a bit rundown? Modern rendering is more porous and delicate and can be easily damaged by high-pressure jet washers. Softwashing can quickly and carefully refresh it, removing all organic matter with a guaranteed 100% kill ratio.


Do you have a mossy or debris-laden roof? Roofs with organic material and debris are more likely to suffer damage. Softwashing can gently clean roofs without the added collateral of dislocating tiles or damaging their surfaces.

Brick Walls

Are the walls of your home or business building looking discoloured and dingy? Not only does a poorly cared-for exterior look unsightly, but it also impacts the value of your premises. Softwashing can delicately clean all exterior masonry without the risk of damaging older brickwork.

Why You’ll Be Thrilled With Softwashing Exterior Cleaning

Grime Gone For Good

Softwashing gets to the root of the problem. Whether it’s algae, moss mould or fungi, softwashing biochemicals work on the roots and destroy the organic material from the inside out. In fact, it’s so reliable that some softwashing companies will offer a 5-year guarantee on roof cleaning — protecting your property and investment.

Reduced Chance Of Damage

You want clean premises without the risk of damage from high-powered jet washes. With softwashing, you can be at ease knowing your property will look sensational and be protected from harm thanks to a gentle yet effective cleaning solution.

Child, Pet & Environment Safe

Plenty of cleaning solutions come with the downside of toxic ingredients. With softwashing, you can relax knowing the chemicals are biodegradable, fossil fuel-free, low VOC and evaporate after 21 hours. So there’s little risk to your loved ones or our precious planet.

Protects Your Investment

Your property took a lot to finance and is undoubtedly one of your biggest assets. Keeping up with small issues such as moss, algae and discoloured exteriors before they become huge problems protects your cash flow and long-term investment.

Enviable Exteriors

A big part of your property’s worth is how it looks. Clean, well-maintained exteriors have greater curb appeal and fetch a higher value. Plus a good-looking home is more welcoming, and having attractive business premises positively promotes your reputation.

A Gentle Clean That Leaves A Lasting Impression

Softwashing is a clever cleaning technique that takes care of your exterior spaces. It uses an advanced biochemical cleaning solution to get rid of grime and organic matter from the root.

Leaving you with a clean, tidy and refreshed-looking property that’s more welcoming and valuable without the risk of damage or harm.

If you’d like to learn more about the similarities and differences between softwashing and pressure washing, check in again soon to read our next blog here. It’s called “Pressure washing vs softwashing – Which is best?”

For now, would you like to find out more about our softwashing service and how it can improve your premises? Get in touch with our polite and professional team today.

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