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How Long Does Softwashing Take To Complete?

You’ve done your research and decided that softwashing is the right solution for you. You’ve even found a local company that can carry out the work. Yet still, you keep putting it off. You want to know, how long does softwashing take?

Maybe you’re worried about what disruption it may cause. Well, worry not. If you want to know the answer to how long does softwashing take? read on. We’ve got the answers to put your mind at ease and finally get your property’s exterior sparkling clean.

How Long Does It Take To Softwash A House?

The answer to how long does softwashing take? depends on the size of the house and the level of moss or algae buildup. But in general, it will take between 30 minutes and 3 hours. Unless you’re living in a mansion, it will take between 2 hours and 8 hours when completed by certified professionals.

So if you are given a long drawn-out time scale when asking a company how long does softwashing take, you can assume they are overstretched and working on other projects – perhaps try another!

I’ve Heard It Might Need Two Takes. Is That True?

The answer is – not if it’s done right!

When you call a company for a softwashing estimate, someone should come to inspect the exterior of your property. They will look for any signs of mould, mildew or algae to determine the most effective cleaning solutions and techniques. Any areas particularly built up with dirt will then be pretreated before the softwashing process.

During the softwashing process, these areas will then be thoroughly cleaned to make sure any buildup is eliminated. So by the time it comes to rinsing away the dirt, your home will be sparkling, without any need to come back for a second go.

If the job is being done properly, the answer to how long does softwashing take? should always be less than a day, and there should be no need for two takes.

How Long Will I Need To Stay Inside?

If you are imagining being stuck in your house for hours on end with no access to supplies or fresh air, worry not! In answering ‘how long does softwashing take’, we have already established that generally, it will be less than 3 hours.

As soon as the softwashing process is complete, you are fine to come out of your house, open windows and carry on as normal. The cleaning solutions used are all environmentally friendly and don’t pose any risks to children, pets or plants, so there is no need to be cautious. For further details, you can read our blog ‘Is Softwashing Safe For Plants, Pets and Children?’ (INSERT LINK)

 So as long as you have enough supplies to keep you going for a couple of hours, you should survive!

Why Does It Take Hours?

A good softwash company will rinse down the entire property after a roof job. This can take time – it ensures the muck and dirt aren’t just moved from one place to another but are completely gone. All of this can be finished in a morning or afternoon, so it really is minimally invasive.

When considering the question of ‘how long does softwashing take?’, it’s worth keeping in mind that softwashing potentially lasts up to 3 years before any regrowth. That means that a short disruption for you could equate to a whole year of no moss or algae for your house.

Get on with it!

So, if your roof looks like you’ve been cultivating a whole new ecosystem and every time you invite someone over, you have to warn them not to slip on the algae-infested driveway, it’s time to get it sorted!

In summary, the answer to the question ‘how long does softwashing take?’ is ‘not long at all’, but the benefits will last for ages.

The whole softwashing process causes minimal disruption. Just a couple of hours to get on with something indoors while the moss and algae are eliminated from your roof, renders or driveway, and your property is left squeaky clean!

You can guarantee that the time you’ve spent thinking about it and putting it off will be far longer than the softwashing process takes itself. So get on with it!

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