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How Much Does Softwashing Cost?

If you’ve been looking into getting the exterior of your house cleaned, softwashing has probably come up as one of the possible options for you. But if you’re the type of person who’s always on the hunt for the cheapest option, you may have already dismissed it. Softwashing tends to be a more expensive alternative to pressure washing. But how much does softwashing cost? And is it worth it? That’s what we’re here to find out…

What Is Softwashing?

First a quick recap! Softwashing is a cleaning method for the removal of mould, algae and organic growth from the exterior of a property. It uses low-pressure water and cleaning solutions to break down any dirt and organic growth from the surface and kill it at the root.

It is a much gentler cleaning approach than pressure washing. This makes it a preferred option for delicate surfaces such as render or roofing, where pressure washing could cause damage.

So, how much does softwashing cost?

Whole Property Cost

If you’re looking at cleaning your whole property, including the walls, under gutters and fascia, you’re looking at an average price of £900-£1500 for a 4-bedroom house. Some companies charge per wall, others per square metre, but this is the average we’ve found when checking out the answer to how much softwashing costs.

If you want to add any patios or driveways to this, the cost could rise to anything between £1700 and £2500.

As you can see, it’s not easy to answer the question of the softwashing cost, as it will depend on the size of the property and what areas you want to be cleaned. However, this guide is here to give you a general idea to work from.

Roof Cost

One of the huge benefits of softwashing, when compared with pressure washing or other cleaning methods, is that the risk of damage is removed.

The intensity of a pressure washer can easily cause damage by dislodging roof tiles or pulling out concrete pointing, meaning more expense for you when you have to fix any damage. Softwashing rids your roof of moss, algae and debris without the risk of damaging or moving tiles, as it’s a much gentler approach. The water pressure is similar to that of a hose.

The same can be said for rendering. The pressure of the water used when pressure washing is enough to remove render from the walls and cause damage. This is not the case with softwashing. If you want to know more about the best options for render cleaning, check out the blog ‘Can Render Be Cleaned?’(INSERT LINK).

So, when dealing with a roof, how much does softwashing cost?

The cost of softwashing your roof will depend on the amount of build-up of moss and the accessibility of the area. For an average 4-bedroom house with a typical amount of moss, it can cost between £1200 – £2500.

Most companies charge per square metre for roof cleaning, and you’re looking at between £12-£22 per m2. It is, however, worth considering this doesn’t include the price of any scaffolding or mobile elevating work platforms that may be required to reach your roof.

When looking into the softwashing cost, the price may be more than that of pressure washing, but the overall cost will be a lot less than any cost of damage caused to your roof that would impact its longevity.

Additional Services

Along with roof cleaning, there are numerous further services that you can include to make your property spick and span. All will increase the cost, but it’s worth bearing in mind that they are all going to help the appearance of your property, which in turn can increase the value and kerb appeal.

Gutter clearance is often offered with specialist CCTV equipment used to see inside the gutter whilst it’s being cleared. This can help prevent damp problems caused by overflowing gutters.

Patio cleaning is also an extra offered by companies, along with moss clearance and window cleaning. Some companies also offer more specialist services for natural stone and brick.

When answering the question: ‘how much does soft washing cost?’, all of this needs to be taken into consideration.

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely, yes. There are so many benefits to softwashing but the main and most important one is that softwashing lasts for longer. In fact, it can last 4-6 times longer than pressure washing.

The cleaning solutions used in softwashing kill any organic growth from the root, preventing regrowth. Pressure washing just blasts it from the surface, meaning regrowth is more likely and the surfaces need cleaning more frequently. In fact, the more you pressure wash moss or algae from a surface, the quicker it will grow back. That’s another point to take into account when considering the softwashing cost.

Other benefits of softwashing include less impact on the environment – up to six times less water is used in softwashing compared to pressure washing. And as already mentioned, the removal of any risk of damage to the property.

Guaranteed Longevity

So let’s put this into perspective for the burning question – how much does soft washing cost? As a rule of thumb, you should multiply a pressure washing quote by about four to compare it with a softwashing quote. Not because softwashing is four times more expensive, but because you’ll need to invest in four pressure washing sessions to equal the effectiveness of just one softwashing session.

Many cleaning companies are so sure of the softwashing technique that they offer a warranty of up to five years on roof and render cleaning, making the service even more appealing.

So for those of you searching for a bargain, be mindful of what may seem the cheapest option initially. You probably have already worked this out if you’re a professional bargain hunter and have researched thoroughly.

There are many factors to be taken into consideration when answering the question: ‘how much does softwashing cost?’, but ultimately, when taking into account longevity and effectiveness, you may find that softwashing is not the expensive alternative you’d dismissed it as.

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