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How do you book an appointment?

We make booking a survey or home assessment extremely easy for you. You can use the contact form through this link, call the office on 0800 086 2330 or contact us by email at Once you have made contact with us, we will reply to you with an option of convenient dates and times when we can view your property and carry out a home assessment for the services your property requires.

What will the home assessment involve?

When a surveyor from Excalibur softwash services comes to view your property for any exterior cleaning services, there are many things to consider which may or may not affect your quote.

External water tap- Without a water supply it can be extremely difficult to clean any surfaces, although not impossible. We will need to check that there is a water flow between 7-15 liters per minute to use our machinery at your property. 

Drainage- We need to consider the drainage around your property, if there will be pools of water standing, no drainage, no guttering or broken/blocked guttering, ponds to deter away from. 

Measuring areas– Our surveyors will also need to measure the areas of the surfaces you wish toi be cleaned. All surfaces have a set price per square meter to the level of infestation.

Access- Our surveyors will need to assess the grounds around your property to make sure its adequate for us to carry out our exterior cleaning services. We may need to use cherry pickers or scaffold towers around your property  to clean  the roof.

Waste- The moss from your property must be dealt with correctly, some customers like to keep it for their compost heap and some prefer for us to have it professionally removed by a licensed waste removals company. We choose to use the national company, Hippo. We fill up their waste bags with your moss and they come and collect from your drive within 5 working days of job completion.

A hand written quotation will be left with all potential clients with clear pricing, which will include the cost of cleaning itself, the clearing up afterwards and of course, removal and proper disposal of waste.

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