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How Do You Remove Moss From A Roof?

Is your roof covered in moss and other organic matter you’d rather not name? Is your patio or driveway frequently scattered with fallen moss from your roof? How about your gutters? Are they blocked with moss too?

Moss – it lives, it grows, it has a purpose. But on your roof? It’s a nuisance. So how do you remove moss from your roof? It’s way up high, not exactly easy to reach and clean. How do you go about it? And does it really matter?

You’re not the first to ask. Plenty have gone before you with the same questions, and some have developed a convenient solution. Want to hear all about it? Here we go…

Why Should You Remove Moss From A Roof?

So you have a moss carpet growing on your roof and cluttering your gutters. The splattering of moss on your outdoor space is a bit of a pain, but you sweep it up and get on with your day. No big deal.

Your roof? It’s true, it’s looking a little grubby with all the moss and other organic matter sitting upon it, but does it really matter whether you remove moss from a roof or not? What difference does it make? Moss is small and harmless, right?

You’re not completely wrong, but you may be surprised to learn that moss can actually be pretty detrimental to the condition of your roof. If you’re ignoring moss on your roof, you could be saving up trouble. Why?

Well, moss is incredibly efficient at absorbing and retaining moisture; it depends on it to survive. So the moss growing happily on your roof, unhindered by you, will absorb moisture from the air and soak up rainwater (let’s be real, there’s plenty of that). Over time, overlooked moss can start to weigh wet and heavy on your roof tiles. Moss is also brilliant at meandering between and under gaps in your roof, lifting tiles where you’d rather they stayed put. Your roof’s lifespan can increase by up to 40% when kept clean and moss-free.

It’s not just your roof’s lifespan you need to worry about either: moss, mildew, fungus and algae are all in the allergy irritants list and can all contribute to respiratory problems. Mouldy areas are one of the top environments looked upon for Legionnaires disease, which is a fatal form of pneumonia. All the more reason to remove that moss…

All in all, moss can cause cracks in your roof, lift tiles from their place, and leave your property exposed to all that the British weather throws your way. You could end up with dampness, water leaks, mould and rotting timber.

Moss, it turns out, can be quite devastating to your roof and property.

The Dangers Of DIY Moss Removal

Now you know why you should be quick to remove moss from a roof, but before you decide to deal with moss yourself, you ought to know about a few risks:

Climbing ladders, scaling your roof and attempting to remove moss yourself is dangerous, plain and simple. The height. The slip-risk. Not to mention inexperience and the need for water, detergents and tools. It’s scary just to think about it. Roof cleaning really isn’t a job you want to add to your list.

That’s the other thing – without specialised cleaning solutions that can tackle moss growth from the root, you’ll find removing moss from your roof is an ongoing task. As soon as you’ve cleared it away, it’ll regrow. Within days, roots intact, moss will make a fighting comeback. Don’t want to spend your weekends cleaning your roof? Didn’t think so!

If you need to remove moss from a roof, you ought to ask professionals with qualifications, training and the correct safety equipment to do it for you. While it’s important to remove moss from a roof, it’s not worth you risking life and limb over it!

Softwashing Moss From Your Roof

What are the other options to remove moss from a roof? There’s pressure washing, but this isn’t the most suitable choice. What’s wrong with pressure washing, you ask? It’s too forceful – all the pressure and intense water projection onto your roof can displace your tiles even more than rampant moss.

What’s left? There’s softwashing. What’s that? It’s the best solution to remove moss from a roof. Softwashing uses an innovative biodegradable cleaning solution to clear away moss from its roots. The non-toxic cleaning solution is applied with care by fully trained and qualified professionals to your roof. After-washes ensure all the cleaning solution is safely cleared away along with the pesky moss.

Softwashing is gentle yet effective. It gets the job done without risk to you, your family or your property thanks to its ‘soft’ approach and environmentally-friendly materials.

Getting rid of moss from the root system also means it cannot regrow within days. In fact, softwashing protects your roof for up to 5 years, so once you’ve paid for the professionals, you can forget about it for a while. Saving you a phone call and hard-earned funds. Excellent news!

Worried about workman’s boots on your roof? A good softwashing company will be sure never to walk on your roof tiles as not to dislodge them – instead they will use a MEWP (mobile elevating work platform) to ensure that your roof stays safe from any damage.

Is Softwashing Your Roof Safe?

Is softwashing a safe way to remove moss from a roof? In a nutshell, yes.

The softwashing cleaning solution is completely kid, pet and plant safe. It’s obviously not something you’d wash them in, but a competent softwashing company dilutes the softwash cleaning solution to a safe standard. Plus, a professional softwashing service will meticulously protect your home surroundings during and after the moss-removal procedure.

The cleaning solution is derived from natural chemicals that are fossil-free, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and biodegradable, going back to salt and water within 21 days.

Whatsmore, a reputable softwashing business will use a water-based buffing agent post-softwash to neutralise any caustic effects of the cleaning solution. You can expect a trustworthy softwash company to apply the buffer to all surfaces at the end of the job to leave not only a fresh and clean exterior, but one that is also safe for your pets and children.

Still have questions about safety? For more details, take a look at, ‘Is Softwashing Safe For Plants, Pets and Kids? (link)

Remove Moss From A Roof With Softwashing!

Let’s recap, how do you remove moss from a roof? A few different techniques might enter your mind, from DIY to hiring a pressure washer. But neither of these options is safe for you or your property. Both will end up costing you more time and money, from repeated work to potential damage to your roof and property.

The only safe, sufficient and economical way to remove moss from a roof is to hire a professional and experienced softwash company. It’s the best all-round solution! Wondering how much softwashing your roof will cost? Find out what you can expect to pay in our recent blog post here.

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