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How Much Does Roof Cleaning Cost?

Is your roof in need of some TLC? Is it growing enough moss to be a minibeast sanctuary? Does it look old and dirty from too many algae and lichen making itself home there?

You know your roof needs cleaning, but you’ve been avoiding it. You may be wondering, ‘How much does roof cleaning cost anyway?’ and concerned about the answer that follows. Perhaps you’re contemplating scaling your roof and cleaning it yourself to avoid the expense of paying for a professional.

But there are costs involved, whichever choice you make, and we’re not just talking about money. So how much does roof cleaning going cost you? Let’s find out.

Cost Of Option 1: Leave It

How much does roof cleaning cost when you leave your roof as it is? It’s been left all this time; what’s the harm in doing nothing?

Moss, algae, lichen and weeds will continue to grow and cause further problems to your roof and property. Don’t think a little moss can do that much damage? Think again. An overgrowth of moss can cause such huge problems that you’ll wish you took more notice.

The nature of moss is to absorb and soak up moisture. As it grows on your roof, it will act like a sponge, growing heavy with water. All that weight and water will begin to damage your roof tiles, causing cracks and leaks.

Moss is also fantastic at growing in the nooks and crannies, but not so good for your roof tiles. As the moss weaves between and under your tiles, it lifts them and exposes your roof cavity to all the elements.

Plus, your gutters and drainage system around your property become blocked, causing extra weight on your roof system and preventing excessive water from running off and away from your property.

The result? Doing nothing will cause costly damage to your roof. Leaks, water damage, mould, dampness, and rotting roof timber will create an astronomical bill in comparison to cleaning your roof.

The Cost: Think a few tiles won’t cost that much? If you know exactly which tiles need replacing and they’re easily accessible, it will cost you around £170 for up to 5 tiles. Not sure exactly which tiles are damaged? Are they difficult to reach? Then each tile will cost around £100! The cost can quickly escalate the more tiles that need replacing. A whole roof? You’re looking at a minimum of £10,000. Yikes.

Cost Of Option 2: Cleaning Your Roof Yourself

You might think, ‘I’ll get up there and do it myself! Save some money. How hard can it be?’

If you don’t mind heights, maybe it isn’t that daunting. But cleaning your roof yourself is incredibly risky, especially when you add in water and treatment solutions. You’d have to ensure you have a safe ladder, access platform, and harness to even consider it.

Let’s be honest; climbing on your roof is treacherous. A fall could cause serious injury or even be fatal. Is worrying about, ‘How much does roof cleaning cost?!’ really worth it?

DIY cleaning probably won’t be very effective, either. Unless you use specific softwash solutions, the root systems of moss and weeds will remain in your roof structure and regrow within days. Do you really want to add cleaning your roof to your monthly routine just to keep on top of it?

And before you add softwash solutions to your shopping list, using professional-grade solutions yourself is also hazardous. The chemicals within these solutions can cause harm to your garden and property, and be unsafe to pets and children unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

The Cost: In this case it’s not a question of ‘how much does roof cleaning cost’, per se. The cost of this one is a human one. Exposure to toxins. Wasted time. Damaged buildings and outdoor space. Risk of serious injury or even fatality.

Cost Of Option 3: Hire A Pressure Wash Company

How about a professional pressure wash company? Saves the trouble of tackling your roof and cleaning it yourself and is better than leaving it dirty. Surely that’ll do the trick?

Pressure washing definitely has its place and, when used appropriately, does a splendid job. However, the intensity of pressure washing isn’t the best way to clean your roof. Why? Because it’s far too forceful, the jets are likely to dislodge your tiles and create more damage to your already tired roof. And that’s without considering the potential damage done by pressure washers when using ladders or walking on a roof of loose tiles.

Dislodged or broken tiles take you back to exposing your roof to the elements too, leaving your property vulnerable to water damage, mould, dampness and eventually rotting timbers.

Many professional pressure wash companies also use unsafe chemicals that are hazardous to your pets and children and can cause permanent damage to your outdoor space and property.

Professional pressure washing may seem like the more affordable option compared to other expert roof cleaning solutions, but in the long run, will likely cost you more with damaged roof tiles or outdoor spaces. Not to mention the risk to your loved ones.

The Cost: How much does roof cleaning cost with a pressure wash company?Depending on the size of your roof, you can expect it to set you back anywhere between £325 – £1100. But don’t forget the potential risk of damage that could see you spending thousands.

Cost Of Option 4: Hire A Professional Softwash Company

Never heard of softwashing? No problem, you can find out all about it here.

To recap, soft washing is a gentle yet professional roof cleaning method. A bio-degradable cleaning solution that’s completely safe to use on and around your home, is sprayed onto your roof. It kills any moss, algae or fungi from the roots, so there’s no chance of it regrowing anytime soon. Be the envy of your neighbours by having the best-looking roof on your street, for a long time to come!

Any professional softwash company worth their fee will make sure the bio-degradable cleaning solution is diluted to a safe standard to be used around pets and children. They’ll also ensure your outdoor space, including your pathways and plants, are well protected. So you can feel assured of no negative effects from cleaning solutions.

Your roof will be well looked after with the quality of a softwash treatment. The gentle wash of softwashing and effective cleaning solution will get rid of grime without causing damage. Your roof tiles will gleam with no cracks or leaks in sight. Your home is one of your biggest assets; softwashing protects your investment while giving your home satisfying curb appeal.

Softwashing might seem like one of the more expensive options for cleaning your roof, but it saves you time, money on damages and risks to the health of you and your family. You can’t really put a price on that, can you?

The Cost: How much does roof cleaning cost if you hire a softwash company? You’re looking at around £12 – £16 per m². For context, pressure washing will cost you in the region of £5 – £12 per m². It’s a more expensive outlay, but with no damage or harm in sight, it’s by far the most cost-effective choice at between £12 and £22 to softwash a roof.

Is Softwashing Worth The Cost?

Yes. Softwashing saves on things that money just can’t buy. A protected property, time, little to no risk. How much does roof cleaning cost? It varies greatly depending on the option you choose.

Do you want a sparkling roof free from damage? A roof that is protected and clean for many years to come? Do you want to avoid climbing your roof yourself and putting yourself in harm’s way? Do you want a cleaning solution that is gentle and toxic-free?

Then softwashing is the way to go. It costs more initially but saves you time and money long-term.

Want to know how long softwashing will take? Check out the answer in our recent blog post here.

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