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Is Softwashing Safe for Children?

You might have heard of the clever outdoor cleaning method, softwashing. But as with any new cleaning method or materials, you’re probably wondering: is softwashing safe for plants, pets and children?

Unknown cleaning solutions and a different approach leave you with doubt. It’s important that not only your home is taken care of, but your family and the surrounding areas too.

Here is everything you need to know about whether softwashing is safe for your plants, pets and kids…

What Chemicals Are Used?

The cleaning solution for softwashing is made up of a few key components: sodium hypochlorite (at no more than 4% strength), surfactants and detergents. All the chemicals in cleaning solutions are biodegradable, fossil-free and evaporate after 21 hours.


Believe it or not, bleach is a naturally made product. It is used in most domestic cleaning products – from toothpaste and hair dye to food preparation!

Bleach is important for killing organic matter at its root. Gets to the bottom of algae, moss, mildew, mould and any other problem weeds or fungi you wish to have removed. By killing the organic matter at their root systems, you inhibit regrowth that can cause further damage in a short space of time.

Cleaning Surfactant

Essential for clinging to and lifting off unwanted dirt and matter. Cleaning surfactants work by trapping, loosening and carrying away the problem grime, known as ‘roll-up’.

Cleaning surfactants also help prevent excessive run-off, so the solution stays where it’s supposed to be, preventing overspill. This makes the solution more effective at cleaning and clearing away while keeping the surrounding areas safe.


Dilutes the cleaning chemicals making them safer. Also important for washing away dirt and residue to keep your property clean and protect loved ones.

Some of these ingredients might make you raise an eyebrow. So, is softwashing safe to use with plants, kids and animals in mind? Let’s discuss…

Is Softwashing Safe For Pets?

Yes, but it’s wise to take precautions. The cleaning detergents used for softwashing are biodegradable, and qualified staff should take the utmost care to ensure you and your family are safe during the cleaning process.

Nonetheless, it is advisable to keep your animals and pets inside or far away from the sprayers during operation.

The softwashing technique uses low-pressure sprays, and areas cleaned are rinsed after treatment to dilute the detergents further and ensure your home is sanitised and safe.

Is Softwashing Safe For My Children?

Likewise, every effort will be made to safely apply the cleaning solutions on and around your property to keep your children safe.

We use maximum dilutions on our biodegradable detergents on surfaces and areas where your children access them. Is softwashing safe with this in mind? Yes, if your cleaner makes every effort to thoroughly rinse, brush away and dry the cleaned surfaces, to ensure no residue is left behind.

Again, it is recommended to keep your kids indoors and far away from the cleaning operation until the treated areas are completely dry. Expertise and safety precautions will keep your children out of harm’s way.

Is Softwashing Safe For My Plants?

If you find a quality softwash company, their staff will ensure the whole of your outdoor space is taken care of.

All nearby plants should be washed before they begin softwashing to protect them from any potential run-off. The plant wash used by softwashers neutralises the bleach. It coats the leaves of your plants with a buffering agent, keeping the cleaning solution exactly where it’s supposed to be and nowhere else.

Plant wash also adds back vital nutrients to the base of your plants, helping beneficial bacteria repopulate the soil. You see, not all bacteria are bad – many are vital to the growth and sustainability of plants and wildlife. By using the plant was before and after treatment, the softwasher avoids any caustic harm to your garden.

The professional-grade surfactant also aids in keeping the biodegradable solution in the right area by helping the solution cling to the surfaces they’re applied. Make sure that the softwasher pays special attention to any plants near the cleaning areas and blocks spillage through downpipes where necessary.

Before they leave you with a job well done, they might wash down all treated surfaces and even give any nearby plants a good wash too, so your outdoor space will look better than ever.

Safe With Professionals And Precautions

To summarise: is softwashing safe for plants, pets and children?

In short: yes. Softwashing is safe for your plants, pets and children as long as you use fully-trained and qualified companies and follow precautions.

Keep your pets and children indoors and away from the softwashing area until it has been thoroughly rinsed and dried. A reputable company will take care of all your outdoor spaces so that your plants are treated with care too.

A good softwash cleaning company will be fully trained and qualified with certified softwash systems. They will know exactly how to keep your family and outdoor space protected so you can relax knowing your property and loved ones are in safe hands.

Still have questions? To find out more about whether softwashing is safe for your property take a look at our previous post, ‘Is Softwashing Safe For My Property?’

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