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Professional Softwashers Useful Tip

Do not be tempted into buying chemical based glass cleaning products off of the shelf, these will leave smears every time. All that is needed is some clean rags, a squeegee, bucket, fairy liquid and do not ‘over polish’ the glass once cleaned, just squeegee off and leave.

What Is Window Cleaning?

Window cleaning is a professional service provided by experienced technicians with the correct equipment for each and every job. Window cleaning has been around for decades and is an extremely popular service across all 3 sectors we serve, residential blocks, commercial properties and places of business. Window cleaning should always include the surrounding frames and […]

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Windows Cleaned?

Window cleaning works varies depending on the size of the property, amount of windows, height of the windows and also if there is any access equipment required. We would tend to work on an hourly figure rather than a quantity figure and charge £50.00 per hour, the average residential block would be 6 flats ground […]

Who Should Clean Your Windows?

You should be looking at hiring a professional window cleaning company to maintain your window cleaning regularly. They will be able to advise you on what methods are best to use on your property and any access equipment that will be needed if necessary. They will also be able to provide you with a maintenance […]

When Should You Clean Your Windows?

Your windows can be cleaned all year round and most maintenance plans will include window cleaning services on a monthly basis. These are deemed as a maintenance clean as opposed to a deep clean which will occur every 3-4 months if left maintained. The only reason why your window cleaners are likely to not turn […]

How Do You Clean Windows?

There are two ways to clean windows. Firstly, by traditional methods with an applicator, squeegee and clean water. Secondly, the more modern method is to use purified water through reach and wash poles. Both have their advantages and are usually separated by health and safety regulations. A reach and wash pole can reach up to […]

Why You Should Have Your Windows Cleaned?

Windows need to be kept clean on a regular basis and should always be included in a maintenance plan in the property you work in or live in. If windows are not cleaned on a regular basis then algae, moss and lichens will build up on the frames and sills in as little as 3 […]

How do you book an appointment?

We make booking a survey or home assessment extremely easy for you. You can use the contact form through this link, call the office on 0800 086 2330 or contact us by email at Once you have made contact with us, we will reply to you with an option of convenient dates and times […]

What Is Softwashing?

Looking for an exterior cleaning solution? Are you having problems with blocked gutters but don’t want to risk climbing to sort them? Is your patio covered with fallen moss from your roof but you’d rather not tackle it yourself? Perhaps the exterior of your home or business looks a little grubby, but you don’t want […]

Pressure Washing vs Softwashing. Which Solution Is Right For You?

Have you noticed a build-up of moss on your roof or renders? Is your driveway getting slippery from surface algae? Wondering what to do about it? Here we’ll be looking at pressure washing vs softwashing. While pressure washing is the common go-to, the lesser-known softwashing could be the answer you’re looking for. If you don’t […]